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Speciality Photography Workshops

Splash Photography

If you have the urge to try something a little different, why not try our Water Drop workshop and make a splash with your photography!

These half-day workshops are only £30 per person and usually are held at weekends starting at 9am. As we run our water drop workshops on a request basis, if you are interested, please get in touch using the Contact Us form to make an enquiry with your preferred date.

During this half-day water drop workshop we will supply everything you need, including the camera! We will start off by setting up the specialist equipment and preparing the camera and Speed lights ready for the session. Using various combinations of flash gels, colouring agents and splash bowls, you will create some truly unique images, after all, no drop collision is ever the same!

We limit these speciality workshops to a maximum of two guests so you get as much hands on time with the equipment as possible.

Contact us to register your interest

What our clients say:

“It was very informative without being too technical.”

“It was exactly what I needed to gain more confidence with my camera.”

“You ran a great course; the pace was excellent and the content was the right level for getting to know your camera better.”

“The pacing was perfect for me and everything was explained at a tone and level that I could readily understand.”

“The use of ISO and aperture priority have already improved my picture-taking significantly.”

“I got everything I needed for the level I’m at.”

“I thought the course was superb for my level.”

“I’m already taking better pictures and look forward to when all the buttons and abbreviations are second-nature.”