Take the first step to becoming the photographer you want to be!

We aim to provide fun, yet informative workshops, sharing the knowledge and techniques you need to know to help you take the first step to becoming the photographer you want to be!

Eighteen Percent Grey was born from seeing the frustration and steep learning curve faced by new photographers and wanted to share all you need to increase your Camera Confidence!

Maybe you are looking to improve your photography and want to start taking amazing looking photos, or perhaps you are you struggling to get to grips with your DSLR camera and feeling like you will never get out of Auto mode. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed looking at the all the dials and buttons, let alone the options presented to you when you dive into the menu screens!

Our one-day Beginners Practical Photography Workshop is specifically designed to help you take consistently better shots and say, No to Auto!

Our workshops are ideal for anyone looking to improve knowledge of their camera with hands on learning covering all of the major settings and techniques you need to get you on your way.

Specifically created for those with little to no experience using a DSLR, Bridge or Mirrorless camera, we combine classroom based learning with hands on practical exercises to help you become familiar with your cameras settings and what they do! You can’t ask a video clip a question and hands-on learning is invaluable for learning photography.

“Photography is about slowing down. So take a breath, relax and shoot!”

What our clients say:

“It was very informative without being too technical.”

“It was exactly what I needed to gain more confidence with my camera.”

“You ran a great course; the pace was excellent and the content was the right level for getting to know your camera better.”

“The pacing was perfect for me and everything was explained at a tone and level that I could readily understand.”

“The use of ISO and aperture priority have already improved my picture-taking significantly.”

“I got everything I needed for the level I’m at.”

“I thought the course was superb for my level.”

“I’m already taking better pictures and look forward to when all the buttons and abbreviations are second-nature.”

We also offer a half day speciality workshop for Water Drop photography if you have the urge to try something a bit different. Using specialist equipment you will learn the techniques needed to capture these spectacular drop collisions and create some stunning, unique images.

What is Eighteen Percent Grey?

Eighteen Percent Grey or Middle Grey, is the universal measurement standard for cameras.

To calibrate light meters, the 18% grey card was conceived as a way to produce consistent image exposure in film and photography and your camera uses this measurement to balance the images your camera takes!

The Workshop Facilitator

Dean has had a passion for Photography since an African Safari inspired him to pick up a camera and start shooting the wildlife!

Over the last 4 years he has further developed his skills, placing and receiving highly commended mentions in local photography competitions.

Although Dean loves all aspects of Photography his main inspiration comes from nature and landscapes, especially rivers, lakes and oceans. Long exposure images of water keep drawing him back shot after shot along with high speed water drop collisions.

You can see more of Dean’s images on his personal Instagram and see some photos from our workshops on the Eighteen Percent Grey Instagram and Facebook page.